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Sea Minerals Supa Boost Formula 150ml

Sea Minerals Supa Boost Formula 150ml

Sea Minerals Supa Boost Formula 150ml

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Sea minerals and trace elements are a vital part of your health!

What are Sea Minerals?
Sea minerals are mineral nutrients extracted from ocean water found at ocean depths.

Why do we need Sea Minerals?
Modern diets do not have enough essential minerals and trace elements from the foods we eat because the soils are depleted of minerals due to agricultural practices (as mentioned in Cancer: Cause & Cure book by Percy Weston).

What Sea Minerals are in the Supa Boost Formula?
The Sea Minerals Supa Boost formula contains over 70 mineral nutrients and trace elements in their bio ionic form including...

  • magnesium..................104mg
  • calcium.........................0.6mg
  • potassium.....................27mg
  • sodium..........................52mg
  • sulphur..........................39mg
  • carbon...........................64mg
PLUS an added proprietary blend of...
  • Stinging Nettle
  • Triticum extract (unripe)
  • Papaya Fruit extract
  • Spanish Thyme
  • Nasturtium
  • Stevia
  • Sheep Sorrell
Why are Sea Minerals high in sodium?
The content of sodium in this Sea Minerals formula is naturally reduced by using solar evaporation and precipitation. The salty taste of Sea Minerals is due to the rich levels of magnesium, potassium, and other minerals.
How will supplementing with Sea Minerals Supa Boost Formula benefit me? 

The body needs a sufficient amount of the right type of minerals and trace elements in the correct proportion. Getting an adequate supply of minerals on a daily basis can help reduce a wide variety of health benefits and higher energy levels. An adequate amount of Sea minerals in the body helps reduce the risk of disease and is linked to better health and fewer common illnesses. 

Directions for use:
Adults take 2ml in juice or water two-three times daily with food.




After 3 weeks of taking Percy's Powder every morning in lemon or apple juice, I started feeling better and have more energy. CAT scans show spots on my lungs have cleared up after 3 months taking Percy's Powder. Doctors are amazed! 

M Richardson

We decided to take Percy's Powder as a general supplement as we heard good reports how Percy's Powder have benefited others. After taking the powder for a few months, we have noticed a definite improvement and a feeling of well-being, and therefore we intend continuing with the supplement.

J & M Selzer

After reading read Percy Weston’s book Cancer: Cause & Cure, I purchased a supply of rhomanga tablets and consumed them daily plus continuing with my meditation, T’ai Chi, and a good balanced diet, but after I started taking rhomanga, the tumor in my hip reduced in size by 30mm.

C Turner
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