Tips For Coping With Anxiety

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Most people experience stress and anxiety at some stage in their life. Either because of a stressful or worrying situation, fretting about work schedules, or uncertainty about future events. There are different ways of dealing with anxiety. However, proper treatment and support can help people cope with anxiety to make life easier. 

Symptoms of anxiety.

Most anxiety symptoms are quite well known because, over the years, people have experienced anxiety at some stage. The usual symptoms are prolific sweating, lump in the throat, palpitations, twitching, dry mouth, chest pain and shortness of breath or wheezing. However, these symptoms can be side effects of other medicines or psychological issues. When linked to a phobia, as opposed to general anxiety disorder, the symptoms normally only happen in reaction to explicit stimuli.

Causes and types of anxiety.

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Anxiety is mainly of two types. One type is that type of anxiety you can deal with, and the other is worsened form of stress that leaves a mark on your personality. The first type of anxiety is easy to deal with. Support from your friends and family can help you overcome your fear, or you can always deal with it on your own, without needing any support. But the second type of anxiety requires some effort to make living easy. So the first thing that needs to be done is to determine your anxiety type and find its root cause.

Causes for anxiety can be external as well. So to deal with your stress better, you need to find out whether your anxiety is caused due to an external factor or not. For example, any bitter incident in your past life can be the cause, or sometimes it can be an indistinct intuition that something is wrong. Still, if your anxiety is due to external factors, you should work towards dealing with it using the following suggestions.

Tips for coping with anxiety. 

Tranquility Essences for calm

✅ Tranquility Essence is a natural homeopathic product containing a blend of flower essences that are well known for their calming effect such as Camomile. Tranquillity Essences not only assists in reducing stress or anxiety levels, but calm your nerves, helps you sleep better, and supports your emotional well-being. Tranquillity Essences do not make you feel drowsy like some medications but keeps you clear-headed. Carry it with you, bring it to work, or take it to school, so whenever you feel anxious, add a few drops of Tranquility Essence on your tongue to help you stay calm.

✅ Self-help and relaxation strategies also play an important role in relieving anxiety symptoms. There are many ways you can implement relaxing techniques, but here are a few simple examples you can use anytime...

  • Play calming music
  • Deep breathing techniques
  • Visualise your 'happy place'
  • Read positive affirmations often that make you feel good
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Self-care planning

✅ Improving your eating habits and reduction in caffeine and sugar intake also help. 

✅ Acupuncture can be helpful to treat anxiety. Studies show that acupuncture is an effective treatment for anxiety, with fewer side effects than medications.

✅ Reach out to your friends and family and share your troubles; do not let them accumulate before it gets out of control. Anxiety is very common, and you are not the only one, so don't hesitate to seek help.

Important: please consult a psychiatrist or a professional health professional if you are experiencing anxiety symptoms. A qualified health professional can assess your anxiety, diagnose your psychological issues, and plan a course of treatment that best suits you. 

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