Why Choose Percy's Powder?

Discover the power of Percy's Powder! This revolutionary formula is designed to supercharge your vitality and invigorate your health. Packed with essential alkalising minerals, Percy's Powder is your go-to solution for enhancing energy levels, supporting immune function, and promoting overall well-being. Trusted by thousands worldwide, Percy's Powder (developed by centenarian Percy Weston) is the ultimate choice to help transform your life today and experience the difference!

Introducing Percy Weston

Percy Weston - a centenarian, had been a sheep, tobacco and walnut farmer in the beautiful Ovens Valley of south-eastern Australia for most of his life.

Percy would have had a medical career had his father not suffered hardship at the hands of cattle thieves.

Percy was diagnosed with Arthritis in 1941, followed by Cancer. He eliminated
foods rich in phosphorous from his diet, supplemented them with his mineral formula, and lived to the golden age of 100.

Read about his logical experiments with crops and animals in his thrilling story, Cancer: Cause & Cure which led to a remarkable recovery. In addition, he reveals to readers secrets hidden from medical science.

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