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Percy's rhomanga 60 tablets. Mineral & Vitamin supplement.
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Percy's rhomanga 60 tablets. Mineral and Vitamin supplement.

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Because modern diets do not have enough essential minerals and vitamins for the body to function at it's optimum.

Percy Weston, a Victorian farmer, knew that constant use of super-soluble phosphate fertilizers could skew the take-up of minerals and trace elements in food crops, producing mineral-poor foods. (see Cancer: Cause & Cure book by Percy Weston

Percy's mineral powder in tablet form as rhomanga, is convenient, portable & cost-effective.

The dosage is one a day, the ideal maintenance dose for people who weigh up to 65kg. 

Supplementing with Percy’s rhomanga tablets may assist with…

  • regulating water balance.
  • supports blood health.
  • maintains red blood cell health.
  • assisting muscles and nervous system function.
  • regulating cell nutrients.
  • helps maintain/support healthy acid/alkali balance in the body.
  • maintain/supports immune system health.
  • Enhances energy levels.