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Cellfood Concentrate 30ml

Cellfood Concentrate 30ml

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Unlock the potential of vitality with CELLFOOD

– where science and nature converge to supercharge your well-being.



Cellfood is a proprietary marvel featuring 78 ionic minerals, 34 enzymes, 17 amino acids, electrolytes, and dissolved oxygen. Powered by its unique water-splitting technology, Cellfood offers an unrivalled oxygen and nutrient delivery system ready for absorption by your body. It's a treasure trove of beneficial antioxidants.

Experience the potency of Cellfood, your ultimate oxygen and hydrogen
Water Drops

source. Its ionic minerals are super-energized and delivered in the most bio-available form known today. Cellfood supplies those precious micro-nutrients that your body craves for that extra energy boost. These nutrients are naturally abundant in plant-based and sea-based sources, a rarity in today's diet.

What sets Cellfood apart?

It delivers nutrients in an ionic form, and these minuscule wonders are incredibly tiny, ranging from 4 to 7 nanometers. This means your body can quickly and efficiently absorb them. Cellfood offers the ultimate convenience. It comes in a handy 30ml concentrate bottle, ready for mixing with water or juice, providing a full 30-day supply. Discover the potential of Cellfood today!



Cellfood’s remarkable formulation contains rare earth – (plant based) & wild ocean – (sea based), ionic colloidal minerals. Cellfood harnesses the power of 78 minerals normally found in trace amount in sea vegetation and fossilised organics all naturally present and in perfect balance. (ie: all beneficial trace minerals, calcium, potassium and silica, boron and more.) There are two kinds of minerals – macro and micro. Cellfood contains naturally occurring micro nutrients supplying a broad spectrum of vital trace elements.

The formula is a fusion of pristine Southern ocean mineral spring water and prehistoric fossilised organic plants, skilfully blended with dissolved oxygen. Vegan friendly, Kosher, naturally gluten free and completely non-toxic. 


Cellfood is best enjoyed before meals, 3 times a day starting first thing upon rising in a glass of water: 5-8 drops each serving. Alternatively, add your individual serving of drops in your water bottle to drink throughout the day. Cellfood may be enjoyed in juice if desired although purified water is
recommended for optimum benefits.

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