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Don Chisholm

Have You Got The Guts To Be Really Healthy

Have You Got The Guts To Be Really Healthy

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Unlock the secrets to optimal health with "Have You Got the Guts To Be Really Healthy?" – a transformative journey into the power of gut health by acclaimed author Don Chisholm. For over a decade, Chisholm has dedicated himself to the profound concept that we are not merely what we eat, but rather what our bodies absorb.

In this groundbreaking book, Chisholm shares his remarkable insights gleaned from years of research and firsthand experience. Discover how simple dietary adjustments can lead to extraordinary results – from curbing sugar cravings and boosting energy levels to improving memory and even resolving chronic health issues like diarrhea and autism.

By shedding light on common misconceptions about health and wellness, "Have You Got the Guts To Be Really Healthy?" challenges readers to rethink conventional approaches to healing. Chisholm's holistic perspective emphasizes the importance of addressing the root causes of health issues rather than merely masking symptoms with medications.

Drawing from his extensive travels and clinical experience, Chisholm unveils a refreshing approach to achieving true vitality. Learn how to break free from the myths that have hindered our well-being and embark on a journey toward lasting health and wellness.

Are you ready to take control of your health and unleash your full potential? Dive into "Have You Got the Guts To Be Really Healthy?" and discover the simplicity of true health – one step closer to a vibrant, thriving life.


Title: Have You Got The Guts To Be Really Healthy?
Author: Don Chisholm
Publisher: Don Chisholm (Self Published)
ISBN: 9781921681561
Format: Paperback
Category: Healthy Diet, Gut Health, Weight Loss
Year Published: 2009
Pages: 246

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