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Mad House Media

The Alkaline Solution book

The Alkaline Solution book

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Say goodbye to the pitfalls of the modern diet and embrace a lifestyle that nourishes your body, mind, and soul. It's time to reclaim control of your health - one alkaline meal at a time!

Introducing "The Alkaline Solution" - your comprehensive guide to reclaiming your health through dietary balance. Authored by Professor Jurgen Vormann and Peter Ochsenham, renowned experts in nutritional science, this book is your roadmap to combatting the detrimental effects of the modern Western diet.

In a world where convenience often trumps nutritional value, "The Alkaline Solution" serves as a wake-up call, shedding light on the alarming consequences of our dietary habits. Drawing from their expertise and research, Vormann and Ochsenham delve deep into the repercussions of acidic diets, which have been linked to a plethora of health issues ranging from inflammation to chronic diseases.

The authors provide actionable insights and practical tips for transforming your diet into an alkaline powerhouse. By understanding the importance of pH balance and alkalinity, you'll learn how to make informed choices that can potentially save your life.

Whether you're seeking to alleviate existing health concerns or simply striving for optimal well-being, "The Alkaline Solution" equips you with the knowledge and tools necessary to embark on a transformative journey towards vibrant health. 

Title: The Alkaline Solution
Subtitle: Surviving The Modern Western Diet
Author: Professor Jurgen Vormann and Peter Oschsenham
Publisher: Mad House Media
ISBN: 9780992571320
Format: Paperback
Category: Health, Lifestyle, Healthy Diet, Alkalinity
YearPublished: 2016
Pages: 144
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