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Tranquility Essence

Tranquility Essence

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Do you experience stress or anxiety on a regular basis? With ever-growing global uncertainty and other life challenges, stress and anxiety are common experiences for most people. Of course, there are natural methods to help reduce stress or anxiety levels, but what if you had a natural remedy that could help calm your nerves, sleep better, and support your emotional well-being?

The solution is Tranquility Essence. Carry it with you in your bag, bring it to work, or take it to school, so whenever you feel anxious, add a few drops of Tranquility Essence on your tongue to help you stay calm.

Tranquility Essence

Tranquility Essence is a natural solution made from flower essences and homeopathic remedies such as Chamomilla (6x), which helps to quickly take the edge off any form of distress or agitation.


  • Take Tranquility Essence may help remain calm and clear-headed.
  • Use it daily in situations of mild or stronger emotional unrest.
  • Several bottle sizes are available. The smaller bottle (15ml) can easily fit in a handbag or school bag. The larger size (50ml) is very cost-effective – you get 15ml for free. The medium size (25ml) is convenient for the whole family.
  • Natural ingredients include flower essences, homeopathic, water, and ethanol. 
  • Tranquility Essence is suitable for all ages.


  • Take four to six drops in a little water or juice three times per day for regular use.
  • During times of distress, add one to three drops straight into the mouth.
  • Add three to five drops of Tranquility Essence to a 100ml glass of water, sipped at half-hourly intervals during the day to stay calm and focused. 
  • Add five drops to a 250ml bottle of water and drink it throughout the day.
  • 10-20 drops added to your bath water may assist in relaxation.


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